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The Ampersand Awards

The Ampersand Awards are one of the ways we celebrate our people, values (leadership, imagination and integrity) and our purpose. These awards recognise our employees’ commitment to our values, and the way they live our purpose in their day to day work. There are four awards for nomination, based on our three values and our purpose.​

The Awards


Imagination SilverImagination Award

To keep innovating, problem solving and creating quality products and services for our customers we believe imagination is essential.  This award recognises individuals that demonstrate​ creativity and the ability to think independently and have vision. They are often curious and think outside the box. They seek out other views and welcome diversity in the way they work.


Integrity SilverIntegrity Award

Integrity to us, means accountability, respect and taking an ethical approach in everything we do. This award recognises individuals that demonstrate​ taking ownership of their work; whether it’s being honest with customer issues and addressing them, implementing feedback systems that improve processes and outcomes or being steadfast in the quality of the delivery. They really respect other people and work with colleagues to get the best outcome for everyone involved.


Leadership SilverLeadership Award

We believe everyone can be a leader it’s not about having ‘Manager’ in your title. This award recognises individuals that demonstrate the ability to focus, be adaptable and challenge. They push the boundaries, raise the standards and go the extra mile. They challenge in the right way but also support, demonstrate compassion and provide helpful direction and advice for colleagues.


Pioneer in Skills Development SilverPioneer in Skills Development Award

Everything we do is about skills development (our purpose). And this award recognises individuals that display a continuous commitment to our purpose, they act as a brand ambassador in everything they do. They champion skills development and find pioneering ways to deliver on our purpose.


What living our values means to our people


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