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As a world leader in skills education, we work with employers, colleges, training providers and governments to set the standard for skills that give people and organisations the confidence - and capabilities - to prosper, today and in the future.

We operate across five continents – from Johannesburg to Jamaica, Dublin to Dubai – where our products and services are valued for their quality and industry-ready skills. Every year over 1.3 million learners worldwide take that next step in their careers thanks to our workplace relevant qualifications, certification and assessment.

The world of work may be changing but our ambition to make a difference never will – to help people get into a job, develop on the job and move into the next job.

Did you know?

  • Our qualifications span over 20 industries, delivered by almost 10,000 approved training centres around the world
  • We are pioneering new ways to bridge the gap between education and employment: through our new skills-based TechBac programme for 14-19 year olds, as well as through our work on the new apprenticeship standards

People at City & Guilds work in the following areas:

Products & marketing

We take a product from design through to the build and into market - using insight from customers and markets to inform and position ourselves to deliver value for the business and our customers.

Employers & apprenticeships

We work closely with employers to create relevant qualifications and accreditation offers to meet their specific needs in key industries, working across all our markets. We are committed to evolving our apprenticeship offer to be the quality benchmark in our areas of focus.


We’re focused on helping our customer find the right product for their needs, working with education providers, governments and employers across the world. In an ever changing environment we make sure we are helping our customers, and our business to grow and prosper.

Customer service & fulfilment

We're focused on making sure we deliver an excellent customer service experience and quality services across all our key markets.

Strategy & change programmes

We bring together business intelligence, market insights and change management to drive forward and embed our strategy throughout the business – ultimately helping us achieve our ambitions.

Quality, policy & stakeholder engagement

We monitor and influence education and vocational skills programmes and strategies in our key markets. We make sure we comply with relevant regulations and promote thought leadership by carrying out evidence-based research, collaborating with leading external research groups.

Commercial finance

We ensure rigour and create insights in all financial matters; supporting with the management of our revenue, over-sight of pricing and partnership models, as well as investigating offshoring and outsourcing opportunities.

Human resources for City & Guilds

Our people are at the heart of our success. So, we make sure we attract, retain, reward and develop the very best talent to help the City & Guilds business achieve it’s strategic goals.

See the current vacancies at City & Guilds and find out more about us on our website.


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